Books? Books are the food of my soul, love reading them, writing them, its amazing how you can lose yourself in a story not just because you want to detach yourself from the world, which sometimes happens but because it is like living an adventure, just like one of the best has put in the mouth of a great character “a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. the man who never reads lives only one.” G.R.R. Martin through Jojen Reed.

That quote is as true as anything, I have lived so many things through books, wild, fantasy, romance, supernatural, sci-fi, mystery, and all of them have been great, I believe I have a great eye to spot good books, by the title, by the author, by opening and reading the first line, by reading the whole thing and giving it a chance ’till the end and finding out at the end that it was all amazing. Rowling was one of my first of course, what child/adolescent doesn’t read that? HP is the best book of magic and fantasy and drama and all, too many ands? I think so.
But yes, all the books that I have read in my life have giving me great food for thought. So maybe that is why I want to have my own in a bookstore stand for all to see and want, it would be awesome and exciting.

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