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Hurting someone with the truth can be much better than tricking them with a lie.

Thinking that you are doing someone a favour by lying to her or him, just demonstrates that you want to feel better about yourself, right? Because then you will think of yourself as a nice person who tried to make the other one feel better, but if the truth comes out?

When you ask for the truth, you expect to have it and even if it hurts as hell, you will be able to go on with your life instead of holding on to some lie, not to mention this might have so many ramifications, and so many what ifs that you will never know how or when to let go and be free to live your own life away from what might hurt you.

Comforting a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father or anyone with a lie can be the worst favour you can do.

What if I want the lie?

Many might think that they do but in the end you will just end up fighting, yelling and insulting the other person, this, once the truth comes out because no matter how much you try, it will come out to the light and then the pain, the loss of trust, the knowledge that you cannot confide in a person anymore, because let us face it, if there was one lie, what is stopping them from telling a second one?

Perhaps I am being a little radical on the matter of repetition but I stand by my initial statement, Hurt with the Truth! Because that is the only way you can truly be honest, and never comfort with a lie because there is really no point in it.

I do hope you read this one and finished, it means a lot. I am trying my best to bring more pieces to the blog but sometimes time goes flying and I do not realise just how long it has been without me posting a little advice. Keep in touch through my social media accounts and if you want more, just browse the blog for a bit.