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Have you ever wondered if energy is all that goes through us? Or if we are experiencing the energy of the world going through us and then being pushed out into the world once more, but this time with our personal brand? It is similar to having to wonder if we are leaving our mark in the world, I suppose.

It is similar in the way, that you often find yourself questioning your decisions (even though we should not, since regret it is a pretty useless emotion… most of the time), whether what you are doing it is best for the world, or just for you… sometimes you might found yourself experiencing that moment of doubt, that makes you say: will the world remember and see me?

These are thoughts that go through someone’s mind at times, they are not entirely wrong, but rather than doing that, why not concentrate on the energy that flows, and enjoy life as it comes, is it not much better?

The whole, don’t count days, make the days counts, could not be more accurate in situations like this.

But I might do something specially for that later on… right now is about the energy, we are all make of something, it is best to think that it is energy that can be shaped and sent out into the world for something better, or that we are conductors of it all and we make it better? Even if we are only humans, there is something out there and inside us all that changes and becomes better each day, if we let it.

But do think about it and what that good energy is and sensations too, all that you can feel in you, let them be and be aware of the changes they could signify if not for you, then for the ones around you.

Cheers, lasses and lads! For now that is the point of this…

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