I remember that 10 years ago or so, I could not stand one of my favourite bands (Nightwish) it was not that I did not like it and more like I did not give a chance, I would listen to this blasting music and think ‘how can anyone like that?’ or something like that, I actually do not recall quite what went through my mind but still, your taste change because I think not a year or so after, I started to listen to some tunes and then I was hooked and today I love them.

It would be the same with books, yes, my taste in books have changed a bit, a like all genre (almost), the ones that I have not read fully would be biographical, thrillers and horror, but the rest? I’m there, you name it, fiction, fantasy, shapeshifting, epic fantasy, aliens, romance, new adult, adult, young adult, vampires, werewolves; I’m good with any of it, truly. However, in the course of 6 or 7 years the plots, the story, the kind of book that I would have thought amazing, not quite so much right now.

This might have to do with reading so many books in these past 10 years, more than I’d read before my 13th birthday, please don’t try to guess my age, I am not giving you any exact numbers *smiling* but if you want to know, you can ask me in the comments. Carrying on…

Real story time, back when Twilight was about to be released to the masses as a movie, I did a little digging and found out it was a book (no, I didn’t know it was a book until I found out the movie was coming out, so what? Suit me!), reading about the book, it got my interest so I read it (*cough* ehm epub version) in like a day or two, and was completely and utterly fascinated by this vampire guy who fell in love with this girl, so I bought the rest of the books, I think it was up to Eclipse until that moment, or New Moon, I don’t remember, I bought them and a cousin got me New Moon, so I read and read and loved it all.

change tastes

Now, where am I going with this? You are probably bore by now, but it is going someplace, trust me! Forward in time, I found about The Vampire Diaries, and oh dear lord! That was a revelation, if I thought Twilight was good? Elena, Stefan and Damon were the best, Lisa Smith, a genius! So, even though I still like Twilight, it was a special place in my heart, it does not compare to The Vampire Diaries, the books not the series that has nothing to do with the books.

As for the present year, my tastes in books are even more different I believe, I still like supernatural books, but shape-shifting, aliens, romance, and such is the main thing. And Fantasy is what really gets me going, what I want my own books to be filled with and they will be, I am working in bringing you at least 2 that are full of magic and beings not entirely human.

So, have you noticed your taste changing? Because leaving behind stories like Twilight to go Lux, The Drakon Series, Intimate Enemies, The Mortal Instruments, The Time Traveler’s Wife, some might some of these books are in the same category as Twilight but hey! I disagree, the level between them is very different, not to mention the stories.

That’s all, I think I got carried away talking about books, as I usually do… I hope you want to stick around and read some of my less annoying ramblings or not, up to you. And if you want to know about my writing career (which has not started yet), you can read my ebook: The One That Away, is free, and is romance.

I have now ended this post like three times, but this is it, please come back.



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