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I love wearing red, and this had nothing to do with Taylor Swift songs concerning the colour or anything like it… songs, that by the way I personally love, but that is an entirely different matter.

Do you ever feel that people puts to many stereotypes on Red?

I think some do, don’t wear red nails because they will make you look like a hoe, if you haven’t heard that one than you are in better luck than I am.

I am just remembering Nana (Yes, the anime), there is this episode where Nana (Osaki, that would be the singer) tells a story about how she never wore red because it was too flashy or something, and that her grandmother never let her wear the colour, until she was left alone and she gave herself a Christmas present, a red dress, I would have done the same thing. I personally like red, and not to be self-centred or anything but I look good in it, so why shouldn’t I or anyone wear it?

Red and what it means

According to most it is the colour of violence, anger and such things and if it is true that you could relate it to all bad things, you might be surprise to know that in Chinese culture is the colour of luck, which we might pick on and start using instead of green for the whole leprechaun thing, the 4 leaves clover and all of that.

red skirt

Also, red is highly linked to love and lust, I bet you already knew that one, right? And were just waiting for me to declared well it is, if you still have your doubts about wearing red, then you might want to check out some facts about it here:  Meaning of Colour red


I for once would like to think of red as something good and positive, and perhaps I am inclined to believe this because I like the colour and again how I look in it but still, you should not be afraid of it or what it says about you, or rather what others might think. Alright I think I will leave at that, but thanks for reading and sticking to the end, I truly do appreciate it.

Cheers! Let us hope you come back.

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