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Hello readers… long time, no see…

I don’t know if you recall about ‘How to successfully ruin a song?’ and how I promised for a second part, well this isn’t it but I did came up with how to get over a song that it is completely ruin for you.

How? Quite simple actually…


Get over the person who helped ruined said song…


Swallow your pride and fear of even seeing the song’s title… it isn’t its fault.


Listen the song, perhaps the first time will not be very easy and you will probably flinch over every little verse, word and even the rhythm but it will get better.

It was your favourite song and you don’t have to stop listening to it just because someone else decided to ruin it forever for you.

Alright if any of what I just mentioned doesn’t works, or you are afraid to even try because you think you will burst into crying at the first note, then what can I say? You ought to at least try to listen to it, even once and if it really, truly doesn’t work than I have news for you, dearie you are still not over the person who screwed that song for you.

How do I know this works?

Because I have my fair share of ruined songs, even whole albums and I realized recently that I have to try and listen to them, even if it does bring some memories. They will go away eventually and I can carry on, listening normally to my favourite artists.

Alright I’ll tell you some of the songs that I couldn’t even listen from a distance for a long while…

Treasure – Bruno Mars

Arms – Christina Perry

Locked out of Heaven – Bruno Mars

Don’t you wanna Stay – Kelly Clarkson Ft. Jason Aldean

And some others but those are the ones, I spent like a lot of time without even seeing the title, I even deleted a couple from my computer.

But I can hear them now… I hope this work for you and if not you are welcome to comment below and tell me it didn’t.

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