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Being a writer

 What does it mean to be a writer?

 For most people is putting a bunch of words together and getting a publisher to read it, approve it and then give you a contract that leaves you with little else to say in the matter. Yes, perhaps most cases or most of the times it is not entirely like that, however, no one can deny that in reality 80-90% that could be the end result. Now then, writers at heart can have some prejudices with that notion I just described, since we love to write, we do it as a way of expressing our soul and not one person that uses his art to deliver a message, can say that it is not frightening to lay all out and then have nothing in return, and once more I am not talking about remuneration… but rather, recognition for lack of a better word at the moment, and hence when it doesn’t happen we don’t stop because in most instances we are simply expressing a feeling and that is quite enough.

 So, what does a writer do?

  •  …pours out her or his thoughts into paper whether it is digital or sheets of actual paper with ink and all.
  • …delivers a “simple” line of words for others to pass out or read for decades to come.
  • …becomes an almighty force, ruler and confident of its characters.
  • …transform herself/himself into a guiding hand to those without the ability to let other knows about their lives.
  • …appreciates all forms of art in the hopes of finding that secret key to the final chapter of a story or the beginning of a new one.

Soul writers, heart writers, become engrossed with their characters for they are the lost friends of our childhood years, the amazing forces of our imagination, the advanced minds of our realistic future, and of course the alien life from another galaxy ready to come and tell us their exciting adventures.

The reason I made this was, simply, because I wanted all to know how a writer thinks and how, if you wish to become a true one, do not underestimate the work of another or say “how difficult in came be to write a few lines?” People who thinks like that could never begin to understand what it is a writer’s block or the loss of a fictional character, or that moment when your hero (heroine) comes out victorious of a rather difficult situation because as most writers know, characters make their own stories and do what they want while you kindly write it out and then read back, saying “I didn’t plan this”. And that is the writing life more or so. If you think any of it to be true, you may leave a reply or share it with friends, if not then there isn’t much I can do, is there? Thank you for sticking to the end, I do appreciate it. Enjoy a nice day…

Cheers, lads and lasses. story teller - another plane blog



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