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Hello, dear readers. Happy New Year to all of you, one of you, anyone taking the time to read this; I know we are nearly over with January but hey it still counts to wish a Happy New Year, it does for me.

Sorry about the delay or rather the time lapse between posts but here we are.

Let us talk for a moment about these so called New Year’s Resolutions, you know the ones. Those you say are going to do and by the end of the year you don’t even remember what they were or that you even said you would do something different. Ok, not everyone is like that, I’m sure some people actually do a thing or two in those first days of the year.

But this isn’t about what you do or don’t, it isn’t? No it is not, what I wanted was to point that there are certain things in life, Resolutions, if you must, which can give certain meaning to our way of life, I’m not saying a purpose as in, your life will suddenly make sense and you’ll know what to do with it, for that you will need to focus in that aspect, resolutions are more for a short time, something you would like to do in a stretch of time, like learning a new language or reading 50 books in a month.

It so happens that people tends to promise to themselves these sort of things at the end of each year, as if that would suddenly bring them some kind of special power to do thousands of new achievements in the expense of a year, well not a whole year because not only they say they’re going to do, whatever it is people say, it’s the fact that some have the nerve to swear is going to be in the expense of months…

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it. Personal goals, improvement, a new you and all that jazz… but, there’s always a but, what I’m trying to get you to see here is that you should try and accomplish it in a realistic manner. Perhaps, one month you’ll start AND finish a curse, for example.

Just don’t stop in the middle of a new thing simply because you believe it is too difficult, if at first you thought you could master it then I don’t see any reason why you should just give up.

One of my favourite dancers (F. Calmels) is always saying that, Never Give Up. And I have tried my best this past half year to follow that philosophy. I’m not the best person to live by any kind of philosophical anything, however, that doesn’t mean that I don’t attempt to at least give it a go, since maybe, maybe, it would actually help me and once and for all I will publish one of my books.

In case you were wandering, that is my resolution to publish a book this year.

Thank you for reading and I hope you got something out of the nonsense or ramblings you just read. Don’t forget to visit me socially… @SelaOrdaz @EachPage EachPage Tumblr  LibrosHoy Tumblr

 Cheers! Let us hope you come back.

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