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Season 5

Another Plane – Special Edition

Hello, everyone.

For a couple of days now, since Monday to be precise when I saw the most dreadful episode ever aired in life or rather in the history of The Walking Dead. I hope you all know what I am going to talk about and if not I suggest you go watch the mid-season finale disaster and then come back here, this will be spoiler all over the place, I am warning you right now.

Alright, you are still reading, I assume you don’t care or you already watched it.


First of all, I hate that we have to wait forever to watch the next episode which we really don’t want to watch since it will held nothing of interest whatsoever, considering that it might as well had been over when they decided to kill all hope for Daryl and Maggie in this middle one. Come on! You are thinking it, the world is thinking it. Everyone knew that Daryl was in love with Beth and if he wasn’t he was getting there, and if not that is what everyone wanted. Don’t say you did not think about it because you did. And now is all over, and only for what 5 minutes at the end, the spent the whole darned chapter with “creating the scene” or whatever, no, we didn’t want to know about Father Gabriel, nobody cares.

And then it happened, we sat there staring with our mouths hanging open while everything when to hell.


Beth- We Love-

Beth- We Love-

We all loved it her, is as simple as that and whoever says they didn’t is lying. I can assure, I am positive, almost 100% sure that everyone screamed at the screen when that bullet went flying. I am not saying this just because it happened to me, my sister and everyone who watched the freaking thing go down, I am saying it because is true.

Now let’s talk about how it was idiotic to stab someone in her bullet-proof-vest, anyone? Beth wouldn’t do that, she would have stabbed her in the neck, my guess is, they just wanted to get rid of the poor girl.

Yes, I know there are “perfectly good” explanations from the creators, writers, directors, producers and I don’t care about any of those. All we wanted was for Beth to stay alive.

And now, Maggie is the sole survivor of her family, how horribly cruel is that? You tell her ‘Oh your sister is alive’ and when she gets there, ‘Oh no, wait, she died.’ Seriously, cruelty at its best.

What’s coming

What’s coming next… right at this moment? I could not care less. We are all aware that of course, we will continue to watch and see what else they do, who else they decide to kill. Maybe they’ll kill Maggie next or Glenn, Daryl or Carol. They could have killed of any other character but no, it had to be one of the most beloved ones.

In any case, like I was saying, clearly we are going to keep on watching the show, is like an addiction no matter what or how cruel they, you just come back for more. So, we will have to wait until next year… around, February 8, 2015. What is the point though? To see how Daryl goes back to Carol? Since you know, the love of his life died.

Let us hope, they plan a really good season finale. They probably will.

I believe that’s all lads and lasses, I just needed to let it out… my way of doing it, is writing. Thank you if you stayed ‘till the end and share if you liked at least one bit or hit like or visit @EachPage on Twitter for updates about this blog and others.

Have a nice day. Cheers!