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“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”

Cesare Pavese.

He was a writer, poet and Italian philosopher.

This truly captured my attention today, it let me to think: do we?

¿What do you think? I believe we do remember moments of a day instead of the day itself.

We live daily as if it is just a regular day rather than enjoy it and get the best out of it… it won’t repeat so we should just go through with our hopes and dreams out in the open, exposed in our skin…

Have you seen the movie “About Time”? You ought. It stars Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson. I just remember this one because is one of the movies that makes you think a bit more about life, about enjoying moments of the day.

I am not saying we should go and be “Oh! A Flower”… “A rock”… “A unicorn” Well if you do see a unicorn, you should be excited about it, I know I would be. Seriously, is not something you see when turning a corner on a normal day but my point is: not everyone appreciates the little details in life. They just… example: get up, have breakfast, go to work, work, have lunch, go home, make dinner, watch a commercial, eat, go to bed and then the next day, do the same S*** all over again, that’s not living. I’m sorry for those who have a similar lifestyle but I strongly suggest you spice it up or at least take a minute to stop and think about what you are doing every day.

“Whoa, is this right?”

 “Am I living?”

Those are questions you should ask yourself once in a while. If the answers are no and no, then double check the steps you are taking daily and try to do something different. Hey, this is simply my opinion… clearly, you don’t have to follow them if you do not wish to do so. I am mainly trying to help complete strangers in the world.

I do hope that after reading this you take a step back, look into your life and what you are doing with it and ask yourself this: am I happy with my lifestyle?

Is a simple question, it might help and might not… just try it. I am not trying to bring you down with this and make you feel bad about what you do with day, like I said before I am merely attempting to help others.

Thank you for sticking around and reading this particular special piece of my mind, and I apologize if I offended somehow someone or if you are a regular and want more of these kind of posts more often, I love doing them but life gets in the way sometimes.

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