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Those dreams you have in the early hours… you don’t know if they are truly dreams or just your over-reactive imagination, perhaps both. Although, some say that dreams are: “successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.”  And yes by some I meant: Wikipedia. In any case, you know that on occasions we don’t recall them, it doesn’t mean we don’t have them.

I usually stray from the main subject, the early dreams… shall we categorize them as dreams or our active imagination working with our half-asleep conscious? I would have to say the latter, most of the times you can’t quite place those early ones like you would remember the one you had in the middle of the night. For a writer it can be very interesting having this kind of dreams, if they are vivid or explicit enough, the best ideas will come out of them.

Ask yourself this, how do you feel after having a good vivid dream? Is it exciting? Do you wish you could keep on dreaming and played out the scene? It is exhilarating

“What if I haven’t?”

If you have never experienced that sensation, those dreams coming to you… I honestly don’t know what to tell you, if you feel is a problem, as in you have never had a dream then you should probably consult a professional. I’m not an expert on the subject even when dreams do fascinate me.

Colourful dreams

Can you remember colours in your dreams? Some say we dream in black and white, I haven’t giving it much thought but I usually remember what happens in the dream and not the colours but I reckon sometimes I wake up and say “She was wearing a yellow dress,” so perhaps, we do dream in colour or we select some parts and give them a shade. Everything is possible, actually.

See, no matter what we dream or where we go in our dreams, what’s special about them is quite simple… anything can happen. You could fly, you can be a professional F-1 driver (if you’re not one already), you could shift into something else or be invisible. Dreams prove that you have an imagination, that you are using the creative part of your brain, they give you hope. Good dreams do that.

Because nightmares are an entirely different matter and I rather not dwell on that, why do so? You’re most likely to have them after seeing a horror movie before bed or having a difficult day, a really tiresome one. And they’re awful.

I think that’s that. I wanted to make this little piece because I had a nice dream around the time I was waking up, so this came to me and also an idea for a new story. I hope you had a nice time reading and check out the rest of the blog.

Enjoy your REM sleep, darlings, don’t be afraid of dreaming big and vividly.

Hope you come back.


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