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Can you imagine the joy of being chosen?

Recently, I entered a contest, it was for a super short story… and when I said short I mean 5 lines, it was a rule but anyways, I sent my 5 awesome lines and then forgot about it, if you don’t think about it you don’t get anxious over stuff like that, it does work in case you’re wondering, it works for me. The point is, I received an email with the results and even though I didn’t win, my little piece was among the ones that got to be on this anthology the ones at the contest are publishing, the best part is? They received over 1600 entries and chose a quarter or less of that to be published and I was among those chosen.

It may look like such a little thing to some people but it isn’t, perhaps for some famous authors like: Laura Gallego García, JK Rowling, Rick Yancey or Lisa J. Smith it would be just another notch in their belts but for me? Is great and I don’t think for a second that any recognized author wouldn’t be thrill to have something like this, when you write you love to give people something to laugh about, cry over or connect with, even if you are not first you are still out there and that’s quite alright because someone will see it, some will like it and some will think is not a big deal but at least they know you.

I am not saying that I wouldn’t like to be first or a best seller someday, because clearly I’d like that but it is not a top priority, if you have a particular audience and they read your work but they’re not enough to get you to the top, I think that’s ok and not only because I’m currently less famous than a person who makes good deeds and no one knows theirs first name, it also comes down to the fact that if you do it because you love it than that’s true passion, no matter who reads it or who sees your name someplace, somewhere.

You may not agree with this or maybe you do, probably you don’t care at all about something like this and that’s quite alright but for those who care or write or draw, paint, sing, model, swim, dance, act or any other form of art, I like to say to you that little by little it gets better and you start making other notice you, even if you’re only among others. A dot in a mass of dots *smiling* don’t let it be a notch or an insignificant event, own it.

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