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Do you happen to like indie games? 

For the past few weeks, I have been waiting for the Otrora Games entrepreneur to start blogging and well he has. If you like playing this kind of games, which are somewhat out of the norm and really great, then you should try out this one. Right now, he has a couple but the big one is yet to come, it would be a tower defense game about Venezuela’s Independence War in the 1800’s so it will be cool, I know because Venezuela rocks and has a lot of history, which can be transformed into games and still accomplish to draw the attention from the public.

I know is odd for me to be writing about anything other than thoughts, facts, moments and the sort, but hey! What can I say? I wanted you to know about Otrora Games.

What’s Otrora anyway… ¿Otrora? Well, Otrora is a Spanish word for “On another time”; I got that one out of the main blog,this blog. There you have it that is what Otrora means, since the whole it has a big game coming out about another time, about something that happened about 200 years ago. After some consideration, I decided it was best if you knew some basics about the developer, developer? Just the one? Yes, it is one person. He is from Venezuela, like duh, that was clear. Alright, he is from Mérida, Venezuela, and has been working on different kind of games for the past year, couple of years, considering we are in May already, actually more like June, time goes by quickly. He has one recent game that you may want to play out and see if you like it, it is call: The Creature Beneath quite fun. This game was made for the 48h challenge of the Ludum Dare 29. Its final ratings were like this: Ratings

Coolness 100%
#205 Graphics 3.77
#238 Audio 3.29
#526 Mood 3.02
#602 Theme 3.22
#681 Overall 3.06
#710 Humor 2.23
#805 Innovation 2.72
#886 Fun 2.64

The game was also featured in a Ludum Dare to Believe episode, which you can watch here. You can find other indie games from Otrora Interactive on its blog. Oh, and you can find this entrepreneur on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, the links are as a follow:




Thanks for reading, I’ll keep in touch.

I have good one, coming out, and I haven’t forgotten about other aspects of “Ruining a song…” but time tends to be against me these days. That’s all.