The power of a song

I was going to talk about the power of songs on our daily routine, but then I remembered how a song can be ruined for us, I song you once loved, a song you just couldn’t stop listening to; until one day you made the disastrous, awful, dreadful, abysmal mistake of relating it with someone and before you know it that someone fades from your life and suddenly,  you can’t stand to listen that wonderful song anymore, because the pain is too much, the ache inside you, or just the fact that you don’t want to listen to it. The mere thought of hearing the lyrics, the beginning, the middle, the final tunes that get you to those finals seconds of it, that minute or a particular line that you once liked, what you used to enjoy, now? What will happen to it? Completely, ruined.

You can’t help but wonder, what you did to deserve such a fate, am I right? Or am I been a tad exaggerated? Might be, but it is the true, if you have experienced something like this, you will know that I am not completely far out, it happens, you get really upset when a situation like this particular one crosses your path; I am starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, I have experienced this situation a little too much.

Carrying on…


More like a general guide, I must confess that some songs have been lost to me for years, only recently did I decide to start listening to them again, a bit at a time. Like training your brain, your body, your soul, your inner-self to accept the fact, that it is not the song’s fault or the artist who sings it, that you were way too emotional to even contemplate or rather dare, relate a perfectly good song to someone who in the end, turned out to be a complete nitwit, yes you may called whatever you want, I decided to go with that, out of respect to some, in case someone don’t like to read stronger more suited words.

Talking more seriously, I believe now, I stirred a nerve inside me, I mean I begun almost conventionally with this piece and I see now, in some parts, that I got a bit over my head, so apologies if you taught this extract was not quite as you expected it to be, I am planning another one, with a more focused and helpful strike.

Have a pleasant evening or morning, or afternoon, a nice day shall we say. Cheers!