After living through different experiences where you believed you would not come back, one day something happens that makes you realize that you are not completely gone; inside, you are still alive and inside you, your soul is as alive as it always has been.

It came to me one day, that sometimes you wonder off into the world thinking everything would work out, you convince yourself you do not need this aspect or that one, you don’t push yourself as you used too, you just drift. Is it good? Is it healthy? Not in the slightest.

Life was meant to be lived at maximum. Create new challenges, don’t use routines that it the end would only bring you dissatisfaction; because, one day you will wake up and realize you are not going anywhere, that you have been doing the same for some time and it has brought nothing but a twinge of gratification, enjoyment… that just won’t do.

It is good to spice up your life, filled with gratifying specks of excitement. I don’t think I’m making myself clear. But I do know this, I totally went sideways from my original statement, I know I did. Back to that, I can say this: if you feel your soul is not completely happy, yes your soul, that place inside you which can guide you practically anywhere if you trust in it; no matter how you wish to call this part of you, don’t forget that even when things went south once, it doesn’t mean they will do so a second time, unless let’s say you do it Exactly the same, like returning to the same spot where something dreadful happened to you, why would you return to  the place that caused you pain? That cannot be healthy for you or your mental peace, it just can’t.

My main point was, to look for that something that will help you get over whichever it was that made you turn your back on the world or it made you feel worthless or useless, leave it all behind, be free of your inhibitions.

I hope you remember this if you ever find yourself down, as in blue. I hope you come up for air and try to figure out a way of making it all better, there’s always a solution.