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That moment in life when you want to say a million things but stop because what good would it do? You ask yourself: who does it affect? Other people or myself? Would I feel better afterwards? You probably will but let us be honest it will not last, your glee over whatever you say to hurt or make them/he/she knows what it is that you are thinking that satisfied feeling will go away and you will remain forever that person who said that. It is not worth it, no one is worth it if you have to degrade your idealism only to have the satisfaction of seeing somebody else fall, hurt or only confuse. It is so not worth it when probably the person who reads it will think “What is this? She/he had lost it completely”.

It is hard to be the better person, the mature one, the bigger one. You must find the silver lining, is there trust me; somewhere, someplace along the way something happened or will and that small thing will work out in your favour, that is the very fact that will make you feel pleased, you will know that it was good not to lose it, not to let go of what you believe is good. If we lose ourselves then everything else will follow, we have the power to change and shape what happens around us, to us, in our existences, it is a simple as that don’t think for one moment that it isn’t, I know it is like that it has to be because the moment I stop believing that is the moment I will fall and not get up.

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