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Coming to peace with matters, difficulties that occur to you or around you, you must accept them, as simple as that, yes people say that and you go and wonder: How? How you should do it, how could you just be alright with anything, there isn’t an exact science of course, how could it be? If there were, then the world would be better, less problematic less people committing suicide or murder; it could be like a state of mind of a sort, I’m always jabbering about states of mind but I don’t see another   way of putting it, is this place reserved in your mind, brain however do you wish to call it, where you process things, thoughts, images and I am not talking of the mechanical part of the brain that does all the dirty work for us, I am referring to this other place that must be there where you can retreat (for putting a word to it) yourself and think, come to terms with whatever is happening in your life, accept that you can’t change it, I am not talking to the decisions we made those you have a choice, either you choose a way or the other or some other; where I am getting at is that sometimes in life stuff happens, the proverbial way of the word, the little things that forge us into what we become later or just a thing, a break-up, the dead of a close one, those are matters that you can’t change, you just have to admit that they happened for a reason or because it was the right time or maybe because is just the way of the universe to tell you, open your eyes that is not what is all about the world is full of new tiny little bits to discover, you don’t know everything in this whole wide space of earth if you do not go out and see it and experience it then you would never know if what happened recently is just a spot in your life, a smidge or if something out there would make everything in the past look so dull in comparison that in ten years from now you would not even remember it.

            So live your life and be happy, the world is waiting for us.


Parque La Llovizna

Parque La Llovizna