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“Everyone has a dark side” I believe this to be an existential true, no one is perfect, if You Are than that someone should be in charge of the world and help it become better but seems that is not the case at all, here we are, thinking of our darker side, the part of you, that takes you and push you to be less honourable, to take risks in life, be a bit more daredevil, do things that you have never done before. What happens if that side of you takes over? And not just control yourself but that it cannot be stopped, you find yourself doing things you have never done before and suddenly everything turns upside down, much more realistic and meaningful for the ones around you, then is not just you that it’s involving in auras of non-good behaviour but also starts to affect the people you used to care about, then is went it goes wrong and when you  know you have to stop, you must stop or it will take you to a place where you cannot return from, the no-return point, the final straw, final line. All I’m saying is to combine the dark side of ourselves with the good one and maybe we will be able to live a more pleasant and cheerful existence. Image