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Falling into the unexpected ways of thoughts, suddenly you found yourself thinking of things you never imagined you would think about, not ever. Sometimes you might try to retrieve yourself from such thoughts because they are uncomfortable or painful but sometimes they are just non-substantial states of mind, where you find yourself just happy or content to be there, to forget about the world and everything that surrounds you, all becomes just a part of who you are, the part that brings you to the reality, the reality that on rare occasions you don’t want to face.

It would be nice to have an actual place to go to, where you could leave behind the disturbing thoughts, the awkwardness of situations, you found yourself not wanting to deal with; some say you have to deal with whatever its bothering you in order for it to go away or solve but sometimes it would just be comfortable to be able to lose yourself in another world, plane, space, where the world is just more normal, less judgmental. I may sound like a person with low self-esteem (I’m actually not) or someone who has had a recent problem, the true is I just started writing this piece and it all came to me this way, I am trying to “help” others out there that maybe on occasion feel the way I am describing, I am not saying that there are not moments when I feel intense emotions where all I want is to go to another world, as far away as I possibly can; right now I’m trying to get a sense of we are not alone in our thoughts statement, we all want to lose ourselves in another plane, even if we don’t accept it or think we don’t need it, that feeling is there, in everyone’s deepest thoughts.

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