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As far as we know there isn’t another world, everything that is, we just assume it’s there because is just the way it has always been, what if isn’t? Think just for a second that everything we know was different, as if a light shone upon the reality we see and suddenly it’s all new and exciting, actually it is kind of like that for people that go and visit other countries, right? But that’s just it, different people, culture, food, manners, religion, what I’m trying to say here it’s not that but the fact that we could see another reality, one that it’s not like this particular one; see shades of this world that we had never noticed before, because I am a strong believer that they are there just waiting to be seen, to be noticed. Yes some say they can see something that the rest of us can’t, all I have to say about that is we should All Be Able to see it, not this person or the other, we are all the same after all, right? Humans living in a world that is fading fast into nothingness, bit dramatic? Words: the food of my soul, what can I say? I like to think that there is something else apart from us, the universe is big after all or so everyone that works on that field keeps claiming.

And so, world as we know it can be just a cover up of another world or plane or reality just waiting to be noticed.


P.D.: I know I have used this pic but it goes with this post, it just does.