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Fantasy running wild, dreams running wild, ideas, thoughts and all in all good energy, going through your body in infinitesimal little parts, little circles, little fragments, until they fill you up and you let go all of that into the world, some sort of magic could work like; the gathering of energy, positive or negative or neutral, is there neutral? I think so. Depending of the direction of what you want to do a big ball of light or whatever the shape the one doing so wants, all of that directed into something, of course white magic; defensive magic is what we must hope for. The black one, of course it would exist, there is always someone along the way that goes to the darkest parts of themselves and become some other thing that goes against the good ones, not so good of course, the world cannot be divided into dark and light, what about the grey? Purple? Blue? Red? All the other colours of the world. Sure black is use as something bad but bad magic could be a different colour, blue, yellow. It could happen.wallpaperx4 (13)

We all wish for something nice and good in our lives. I wish that we could be tested in some way and be granted with amazing new, powers, for use a word.

In a world like that, life would be so much more exciting. I’m always jabbering about this possibility but is subject that runs deep within my soul. In my past live, I’m almost positive I was a witch or believed to be one. In this life? I’m just me, writer, lover of the written word, longing to be out in the world, to be known for my works. Is not about the money I could make, is about to be known, to know that people read and like, love my books, stories, to make fall in love with the characters just like I have fallen for so many characters in so many books.

That’s life lads, difficult and hard. You must push your way into the wild world.