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Ever feel like doing something crazy? Ever feel like maybe just maybe there is a small chance that in some other time and place its someone just like you doing something more amazing?

Ever feel as you wish to be with someone so badly that if you make it, then everything could go terribly wrong? That one was a bit out of context but I’ll leave it there.

Ever feel like if we leave in a place with magic everything would go spiraling down? Can you imagine that? Politicians with powers that are magical? The world wouldn’t last a day, only if magic appeared it out of the blue but sure if we had it since like forever than maybe everything would be different or if only some of us (yes, us, as in me) had it, well no, then others would crave for it, is as everything, the ones that don’t have something they just crave for that thing they do not possess, may be things would be different if they were like Divergent, it could work, a place where people have something specific to do, although I would be Divergent, no questions there, I could not be just one Faction, I’d have aptitude for three or more and that is just they way it is.